Cultivation advice for an increasing number of investors

Tomatoes ultra-clima greenhouse

Cultivation advice for an increasing number of investors

Contract sign at the GreenTech fair Amsterdam
Wouter Kuiper from KUBO and Barend Lobker from Vortus Greenhouse Consultants recently renewed their collaboration with a contract. KUBO not only builds Ultra-Clima greenhouses, they also advise the grower on how to use them optimally. They do this in collaboration with Vortus. 

Wouter explains, “Precisely because you can grow food semi-closed in places where this was previously not possible, more and more investors are investing in greenhouse horticulture. They usually have little cultivation knowledge and can do with some advice."

That advice comes from the KUBO Smart Growing department, where Jeroen Rauws and his team visualize the ins and outs of the greenhouse in detail with the help of data platform Pylot. “An Ultra-Clima greenhouse requires a different way of growing. Vortus supplements the services of Smart Growing with cultivation advice and supports the three-day Ultra Clima training.”

The Ultra-Clima greenhouse came on the market in 2008. Since then, many of them have been set up in dry, warm climates, such as the east coast of China and the east coast of the United States. "There the temperatures are high during the day and do not drop enough at night. In the greenhouse we overcome that with night cooling. In extreme climates, for example, we can regulate the circumstances in such a way that cultivation can still be done well. Previously, on the coast of China it was only possible to grow for half a year, now it is possible to grow all year round.”

Publication date: 26-6-2019 @Hortidaily