Opening office Eastern Canada

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Opening office Eastern Canada

KUBO is opening an office in Canada. This office will serve the Eastern-Canadian market. For many years, KUBO has successfully completed projects in Canada. The opening of this office puts further growth in Canada on the agenda. Examples of these successful projects are Savoura, TGOD, Greentone, Serres Royales, Serres Toundra and LUFA Farms.

The Canadian market has always been served by a KUBO agent, Marc Croteau. Marc is now employed by KUBO. Through working as an agent, he already has over 7 years' experience with KUBO greenhouses and customers. The office in Canada will be responsible for selling and managing the Canadian projects. KUBO already has a large fleet of building and glazing machines and construction teams in Canada. There are also plans to expand Marc's team. Marc Croteau: ‘More and more customers in Canada are choosing KUBO but also the Ultra-Clima greenhouse. The fourth and fifth are currently being built in Quebec. The climate is changing. The summers are getting hotter, even in Québec. In these conditions, the Ultra-Clima is the ideal protection for your crop because, unlike in a traditional greenhouse, you can control the optimal cultivation climate. The system also has other advantages, such as crop protection, better light and a smaller carbon footprint than traditional-style greenhouses.’

Canadian customers not only have access to this high-tech sustainable greenhouse, but also to cultivation support. As such, KUBO makes its high-tech horticulture accessible to all. Feasibility studies offer the customer concrete insight into demand, possibilities and local circumstances, so that they can achieve the highest returns. But design and implementation of the organisation systems to monitor and improve the quality of the project are also part of the service.

KUBO also has its own data platform, PYLOT, which registers data relating to climate, harvest plans, incident management and the use of gas, water and light. Particularly with respect to optimising cultivation, we can have an impact worldwide.

KUBO is expanding internationally and will soon be opening offices in America too.