Ultra-Clima convention location proves to be a great success

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Ultra-Clima convention location proves to be a great success

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Growers in a revolutionary greenhouse type such as Ultra-Clima are always learning something new. That’s why KUBO invites clients who grow in this greenhouse for an annual meeting. The Ultra-Clima convention took place in the French city of Nantes this year. Usually organised at home, this was the first convention organised abroad.

It was no accident that we decided to move to France. The Ultra-Clima greenhouses that are located close to the city of Nantes are owned by the company from the Cheminant and Olivier families. The Cheminant family greenhouse is the only Ultra Clima greenhouse in the world with cucumber growing and LED lighting. OLIVIER offers more than sufficient study material for the participants who originated from diverse countries including South Korea, Canada, Japan, America and, of course, France.

Visiting a greenhouse became a permanent feature of the programme this year. The group also visited a regional growers’ association and a distribution centre. There was also a lot of attention for a presentation by Casey Houweling, a pioneer in semi-closed greenhouse growing. KUBO also presented the latest developments with respect to growing in Ultra-Clima greenhouses.

Exchanging knowledge

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The majority of participants know each other from previous visits. This also makes it easier to exchange knowledge and experiences with each other. Previous conventions were always based in Monster - where KUBO is established. However, people really liked the idea of running the convention in a different location this year. This led to the plan to visit Houweling’s Tomatoes next year; this is the company started by father Cornelius in British Columbia and in the Californian Camarillo, and Casey further expanded in the south of the United States.