Delta Plan is in place

Wherever you go in the world, the Dutch horticultural sector is highly praised. From China to Kazakhstan, from Mexico to Canada. All this praise is great, but are we allowing ourselves to be lulled to sleep? For a few years now, the replacement of glasshouses has lagged behind the average that should have been rebuilt based on the economic lifespan. We saw a major new crop emerging every ten years, but nothing remarkable has happened since the introduction of Phalaenopsis. Elsewhere in this newsletter you can read that we might even miss out on a major international crop, namely cannabis.

Lack of unity

The main factor holding the Netherlands back from retaining its leading position is the lack of unity. We have plenty of knowledge. We have plenty of technology. What we don’t have, is a sign showcasing our sector. A figurehead for the horticultural sector. One point of contact for the foreign investor. I am very pleased that we have now made the first step towards this, in the form of the Dutch Greenhouse Delta.

Prominent players

We aim to combine as many prominent players as possible in this club, to work together at achieving major glasshouse horticultural projects worldwide. Not only glasshouse builders, but also breeders, suppliers and even companies from outside the sector, for example in the field of energy and water or mobility. The Dutch Greenhouse Delta then needs to start actively promoting the Dutch horticultural sector in countries that are looking for solutions to feed their population.

Maintaining the lead

I am proud of the first twelve members of the Delta - KUBO is one of them - but we still have a long road ahead of us. The Dutch horticultural sector has many more high-profile companies. The professional set-up and enthusiasm that I witness everywhere makes me feel positive. It might not be too late after all for the Netherlands to maintain its lead. The world is catching up to us. Of course this includes other countries specialised in horticulture - such as Spain and Israel - but also the Googles of this world who see an opportunity in a market that has forgotten to innovate.

The Delta Plan is ready. It just needs to be implemented. I have confidence in this. Because if there is one country that is able to implement a Delta Plan down to the smallest details, then it’s the Netherlands!

Wouter Kuiper
General Manager of KUBO