Kazakhstan to become a glasshouse producer thanks to KUBO

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, calculated in land area. However, the population is very different to the Netherlands, a country that is 80 times smaller: approximately 17 million. The horticultural sector is in its infancy there. The country has no more than a few dozen hectares of glasshouses.

The sector received a boost two years ago when Greenhouse KZ was built, a project covering 9.5 hectares in Aqtobe (including a packaging warehouse and greenhouse). By opting for the Ultra-Clima glasshouse, the customers selected the type of glasshouse most suitable for the typical climate in that country, namely hot summers and cold winters.

Higher yields

The project is now running successfully and the harvests (of tomato and cucumber) are meeting expectations. The yields are significantly higher than could be achieved in a conventional glasshouse. KUBO also played a role in this, with KUBO Smart Growing services.

Greencapital Kazakhstan

Only 3 kilometres from Greenhouse KZ, the new Greencapital Kazakhstan will soon be built. Another 20 hectares of horticultural industry will be added to the country under this name. The first phase is 5 hectares in size, an industrial building and a greenhouse. The first plants will be placed in the glasshouse at the end of this year. Tomato plants in this case, with the fruits intended to be exported to Russia.