KUBO builds second project for Haisheng in China

China wants to speed up the development of the horticultural sector in the country. “This country wants to achieve in ten years what it took the Westland one hundred years to achieve”, explains commercial director Robert Keijzer of KUBO. For this reason, the Chinese government is investing heavily in the realisation of new horticultural regions. “It is very important for China to be able to produce enough safe food for its own population. And by concentrating on the productivity in rural areas, the government can combat the migration of the rural population to urban areas by creating jobs.”

The area around the city of Xi’an is such a potential “Chinese Westland”. The head office of Haisheng is located in this city, with four million inhabitants. The company now also wants to expand into the vegetable sector. To achieve this, the first Ultra-Clima glasshouse was ordered from KUBO two years ago, for a project covering 12 hectares a four hour drive from Xi’an. The company with more than 2000 employees has serious plans for a major expansion of this area.

Second project

Haisheng has now entered its second season of growing tomatoes. The next project is now under construction further to the North West in the city of Pingliang, again an Ultra-Clima glasshouse. The glasshouse will cover an area of 17 hectares, including cultivation and service areas. Haisheng also intends to grow tomatoes here, all year round and without lighting. The energy that is required will be obtained from the residual heat from a power plant.

Desert climate

The decision to purchase a state-of-the-art Ultra-Clima glasshouse in a “horticultural development country” like China is less startling than it might appear. The area has a desert climate, with hot summers and cold winters. The Ultra-Clima glasshouse performs optimally exactly under these conditions.

Haisheng has left nothing to chance. As horticultural expertise is hard to come by in this country, the company is making use of Smart Growing, the KUBO subsidiary that offers both physical and remote growing support. The intended key figures for this project will also receive training well in advance of the commissioning.