Full Service Grow Concepts

KUBO Smart Growing

We believe that using the right technology enables us to solve the major global food production challenges.

We do this by achieving higher output with higher returns and with lower input. The KUBO Smart Growing team is ‘connected’ with the client from the feasibility study phase, and uses its knowledge and international networks to maximise its support to help the client achieve the set goals.

KUBO Smart Growing mission

‘With technology and knowledge we create tools and services for greenhouse operations in order to support our customers in realizing the best return on investment in high quality food production with minimum use of natural resources.’

KUBO Smart Growing’s unique value propositions:

  1. making sustainable food production accessible,
  2. professional support, worldwide,
  3. ongoing innovation and knowledge exchange, worldwide,
  4. achieving the best return on investment,
  5. risk management.

KUBO Smart Growing vision

The international horticulture sector is in transition from small-scale traditional family businesses to sustainable, usually large-scale, industrial production companies.

KUBO Smart Growing is also responding to the significant growth in demand from areas currently lacking in horticultural knowledge.

KUBO Smart Growing accelerates this development by:

  • enabling access to knowledge from the international horticulture network,
  • developing new knowledge with unconventional but proven technologies,
  • facilitating joint innovation in the ‘Full Service Grow Concept’.

The quote from Yochai Benkler below (the leading intellectual of the information age) underscores KUBO Smart Growing’s vision and role:

‘The world is becoming too fast, too complex and too networked for any company to have all the answers inside’.