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By way of thanks, KUBO receives Russian award

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The KUBO Group has been given a Russian award by way of saying thank you for their excellent collaboration with Russian business. On Friday 24 June, the RusPrix Award will be handed to the Westland greenhouse building company at the Palace Hotel in Noordwijk aan Zee.

KUBO projects in Russia

KUBO has both traditional and Ultra-Clima projects running in various Russian towns including Lipetsk, Balakovo, Magnitogorsk, Shakhty and Vyborzhets. There are already around 30 ha of greenhouses in Russia that feature the Ultra-Clima concept. It is a greenhouse that combines all the requirements of modern growers while managing higher yields, maximum food safety, minimum energy and water consumption, minimum CO2 emissions and improved returns.

The RusPrix Award

The key aim of the RusPrix Award is to encourage and stimulate Dutch companies, public organisations and people in politics and culture who have achieved great things for Russia. RusPrix is an initiative run by the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands. For more information about the RusPrix award, visit www.rusprixaward.nl

It is not about the data Stupid…

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Growers are actually walking sensors who continuously analyse all they can see and feel.

This was sufficient on 1 hectare. On 10+ hectare operations it is a different story. Big Data has become crucial. But if you are buried under Big Data, what do you do?
Well, it is not in the Data, but in the analysis! The infographic shows where we come from and where we are going to: a team consisting of grower/owners, crop consultants and business analysts necessary to reach future goals.ClimaConnect is supporting both growers and crop consultants to make this possible. We continuously develop smart tools to make life of the grower easier and better.