The future of greenhouses is blue

KUBO philosophy

We are motivated by the idea that it must be possible to achieve greater output with far lower inputs, such as energy, raw materials and water. We also search for solutions that enable entrepreneurs throughout the world to produce for their own market (local for local).

And we achieve this by developing ground-breaking greenhouses, revolutionary in concept and implementation. These include greenhouses equipped with high-tech systems and installations as well as smart solutions to keep the growing process manageable. Our greenhouses are developed for sustainability, a theme that will only increase in importance in the future.

People, Profit, Planet

New technological innovations already enable us to meet today’s demands. And our investments in new knowledge will also enable sustainable greenhouse horticulture in the long-term. We’re certain of this. In the KUBO philosophy, there’s a logical link between the three Ps - people, profit, planet. Moreover, using new technology enables even higher returns from greenhouse horticulture.