Products and concepts

KUBO Smart Growing

The Optimal Growing Results

KUBO Smart Growing is an inegral part of KUBO’s the Full Service Grow Concepts.

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The ultimate growing environment

The Ultra-Clima is a revolutionary greenhouse concept that is innovative and sustainable in every way. You create ‘The ultimate growing environment.’

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Venlo greenhouse

The flexible greenhouse, for use by every company

The Venlo greenhouse is a conventional greenhouse and the most often built greenhouse type in the world. It is so flexible it can be used by every…

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Product guarantee

Maximum guarantee, maximum assurance

You invest, KUBO guarantees. Our quality system offers the highest guarantee and maximum security.

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Solar Clima Greenhouse

KUBO greenhouses for steam production for use in extracting oil

The Solar Clima transforms a greenhouse into a thermal solar power plant. Solar energy is thus used for oil production.

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Urban Clima Greenhouse

Urban farming in the city centre

Urban Clima makes urban farming possible; the answer to the demand for locally-produced products.

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Click facade

More efficient construction, cheaper to produce

Build-efficiency and cost-savings in manufacturing are increasing in importance. These two demands are met by the unique KUBO click facade.

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W Cover

Reduce the risk of pane breakage

The W cover is an innovative W-shaped rubber profile incorporated within the rafters, Resulting in fewer window pane breakages and less water leakage.

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