W Cover

The W cover is a KUBO development. It is an innovative W-shaped rubber profile incorporated into the rafter. Depending on requirements, a grower can select from double coverage (W2 cover), triple coverage (W3 cover) or quadruple coverage (W4 cover). This inventive discovery has enabled KUBO to develop a cover that is the very best on the market and is way ahead of its time.

Ideal for larger pane sizes

The W cover is extremely suited to larger pane sizes. Extremely large panes require effective pressure distribution across the surface of the rafter, which reduces the risk of pane breakage during normal and extreme weather conditions.

Less water leakage in the greenhouse

The W cover comprises an integrated rubber greenhouse cover to minimise the risk of water leakage. It offers unprecedented insulation values and ensures that wind noise in the greenhouse is a thing of the past. Using the W cover maximises greenhouse energy savings.


Available in various glass types from clear to diffused or anti-reflective coating. We supply a complete range.

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