The North and East greenhouses of Schenkeveld Schiphol have been completed

Initially, the start of Schenkeveld’s construction incurred a delay of at least six months. This plot was used as a ‘fake airport’ of the German occupants during WWII. This served to distract the allied forces. We were aware of this, but the number of bombs unearthed was much higher than expected.

Therefore, it took a lot longer to clear the site of bombs. All construction partners involved worked hard to make up for the six-month delay, which was quite a logistical challenge. The design is to construct four identical building blocks in a brick pattern, starting with two greenhouses and the processing unit. We decided to construct only the processing unit and the North greenhouse, and the East greenhouse in 2018. Both of these have now been completed. This site again allows Schenkeveld to demonstrate what the company excels in: optimising growing processes, allowing to achieve maximum output with a minimum input.

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