Will cannabis become the newest crop in Dutch glasshouses?

Last year KUBO constructed a glasshouse for the - legal - cultivation of cannabis, the plant that is not only for recreational use, but also has a strong medicinal effect. The glasshouse was constructed in Edmonton, Canada and covers a total of about 7 ha. Canada allows both the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis. There are also options in a number of states of America: these states also permit recreational use, medicinal use or both.

The medicinal properties of cannabis are primarily drawing attention. Further research will reveal what the options are. However, initial results are very promising, even more so because the use of cannabis does not cause any side effects.

Growth market

Cannabis could become an unprecedented growth market. However, growers will be side-lined as long as the local legislation prohibits large-scale cultivation. In the long term, this could result in a significant missed opportunity for the horticultural sector. In Canada, the cultivation has already been covered by a number of listed companies, which have become giants in just a few years.

There is also potential for growth as a “consumer product”. These same companies are holding discussions with Coca-Cola to develop new drinks that contain cannabis. Heineken and Corona have also expressed an interest.

Strict demands

Technology does not need to form a barrier to switching to this cultivation. Growing cannabis for medicinal purposes places strict demands on “food safety”. This productivity shouldn’t be a problem with the current glasshouse techniques, with KUBO leading the way. The horticultural sector is also familiar with the installations that are necessary for growing hemp (for dehumidifying, cooling, lighting and darkening).

It would be great if this plant could be grown legally in several countries. That would give a fantastic boost to the high-quality horticultural sector.

Question about cannabis cultivation?