The Controlled Environment Agriculture sector is developing rapidly on a global scale as it has proven to be the solution to bring fresh produce production closer to consumers. Better quality produce, longer shelf life, no pesticides, all because of today’s available greenhouse technology.

KUBO sees this development also in the USA. Although this sector is in the very early stages of development, vast capital is being made available to be invested in this new sector. Meantime the CEA sector in the US is challenged with a gap in experience and know-how in how to design, build and operate cultivation facilities to the latest and future proof standards. For decades the Dutch horticultural sector has supported her US peers. And will continue to do so, leaning back on 80 years of experience and with a ecosystem that is continuously looking for ways to optimize in the broadest sense.

KUBO, as one of the global leading CEA solution providers, has decided to expand her organization into the USA. Being closer to the US market, with sales force but also operational support, service and technical consultancy, is what we believe will help CEA stakeholders in the US make better decisions on future capital investments in this sector.

Full Service Grow Concept
The main pillar of KUBO’s proposition to the US CEA sector is the Full Service Grow Concept. A holistic approach in which applying and providing technology is a mere part. We are particularly focused on how facilities are to be operated and under what circumstances. Developing a profitable business case, future proof.

A game changer in technology is KUBO’s Ultra-Clima semi-closed greenhouse concept. With the first such greenhouse delivered already 15 years ago in the US we have meantime delivered over 1500 acres worldwide. This technology allows for cultivation of fresh produce regardless of local climate, as harsh as this may be. Growing anything anywhere; a significant change in CEA development perspective in the US.

KUBO office located in Restin, Virginia
KUBO USA’s head office is situated in Reston, Virginia. Strategically located towards the Netherlands (acceptable time difference) and more importantly the US market in the East Coast and connection to West Coast.

The new KUBO USA office is led by Thomas van Dusseldorp who took the challenge to move to the US with his family. This is a big step for KUBO but definitely also for Thomas and his family, having to start-up new lives in schools, employment, etcetera. Supported by and with the Dutch KUBO HQ organization and US sales team colleagues, he will roll out a multi-year development plan serving the development of the CEA sector in the US. We wish him all the best and are all looking forward to making the difference for the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector in the US.

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