Locally grown sweet peppers by KUBO customer Van Onselen

Locally grown sweet peppers by KUBO customer Van Onselen

Kwekerij Aat and Els van Onselen has been a loyal KUBO customer for over 40 years. Founded on Naaldwijkseweg, in 2005 the nursery relocated to Heenweg in ‘s-Gravenzande, where it has stood ever since. Today, there are two greenhouses in operation on Laan van de Heilige Lambertus (formerly Heenweg). The first greenhouse covers 2.6 ha and was built in 2005. Van Onselen’s latest greenhouse, which covers 2.3 ha, was built in 2020. The projects are equipped with a durable screen from Peter Dekker Installaties (PDI), recently part of KUBO. With Leander van Onselen at the helm, the family company is now in the hands of the second generation. He grows pointed sweet peppers and aims to produce the best looking product available. Although a large part of the crop is exported, it is of course great if some of it can remain in Westland for local consumption.  

For example, the peppers of Van Onselen are used in the delicious and healthy meals and Poke Bowls supplied by Mealo in 's-Gravenzande. Mealo is a Westland-based company that is committed to making the Westland region a little healthier. They supply home-delivered hot, fresh meals. “At Mealo, it is easy to choose a healthy option. The meals include lots of vegetables, many of which are grown around the corner”, says Mealo’s owner, Thomas Vollebregt.  

Leander and Thomas both studied Horticulture and Agribusiness in Delft. They have since become two young entrepreneurs, each working in a different link within the horticultural supply chain. Another interesting fact is that Leander did his internship at KUBO in 2013-2014.  


KUBO is active on the Dutch market with its head office in Monster. Meanwhile, KUBO has also opened offices in countries outside Europe and projects are built all over the world. It is our mission to enable entrepreneurs throughout the world to produce for their own market. In today’s world, the growing demand for food, together with the need to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy and water consumption, is more important than ever before. At KUBO, we show our commitment to these issues through our innovative and sustainable greenhouse projects.  

As the leading provider of turnkey solutions, KUBO supports its customers to the maximum with its unique Full Service Grow Concepts. This means that many more services are offered to make running the greenhouse easier and to increase the return on investment.   

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