Greenhouse Ultra-Clima


The Ultra-Clima is a revolutionary, innovative, and sustainable greenhouse concept in every respect. The Ultra-Clima is the ideal solution to the needs of today and tomorrow. It combines everything that is required of a modern greenhouse: increased production, maximum food safety, minimal energy and water consumption, minimal CO2 emissions, and a better yield.

Very high production levels

Thanks to the Ultra-Clima, you can achieve a better greenhouse climate. You have optimal control of the climate conditions. For example, the greenhouse can be ventilated with fresh air from outdoors or indoor air (or a combination of the two), more sunlight enters the greenhouse, and the CO2 level is significantly higher. In short, it offers the ideal cultivation climate for optimizing photosynthesis. This way, the Ultra-Clima guarantees a remarkably higher yield compared to other greenhouses.

Maximum food safety

Ultra Clima Greenhouse nightcooling

The Ultra-Clima concept is based on semi-closed cultivation using overpressure and a meshed air inlet and outlet. This effectively repels insects meaning there is less risk of disease and potential for residue-free cultivation. The result? Maximum food safety.

Optimal energy efficiency and CO2 consumption

Energy-efficient fans, dehumidifying using heated outside air, heating with low-grade heat, longer service life of energy screens – these are all features of the Ultra-Clima. Like an important fertilizer, CO2 is essential for optimal crop production. With the Ultra-Clima, CO2 is used much more efficiently than in conventional greenhouses. This results in considerably reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Reduced water consumption

Greenhouse water silo

Fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce. The Ultra-Clima greenhouse maximizes the efficiency of water usage. Reusing irrigation water (including fertilizers) and collecting condensation and rainwater are essential components of the Ultra-Clima concept. This makes it a key factor for the continuity of your business.

Better returns

To ensure continuity, you need to be profitable. With the Ultra-Clima you have plenty of opportunities to increase your profit margin. The concept allows you to achieve more output with less input, resulting in lower costs, better quality and higher sales prices. Investing in the Ultra-Clima is investing in a sustainable future with better returns!