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KUBO Group consists of four companies that strengthen and support each other. At KUBO Group and its subsidiaries, we are synonymous with innovation and sustainability, constantly striving to advance the agricultural sector.

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At KUBO Group, we believe sustainability is at the core of our long-term success and resilience.

ESG: The Driving Force of Corporate Responsibility

In the rapidly changing landscape of today's business world, the crucial role of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is becoming increasingly prominent. At KUBO Group, we embrace this change and see ESG not just as an obligation, but as an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to a sustainable future.

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From inception to today


Establishment of KUBO

Kuiper & Boers (KUBO) was founded by Arie Kuiper and Rien Boers at 13 Choorstraat in Monster, a workshop sandwiched between two houses.


KUBO invents the aluminum Venlo deck

The greenhouse deck of a Venlo greenhouse is self-supporting and is made of aluminum. This still sets the tone in greenhouse construction today.


Acquisition of the company by Ed Kuiper

In 1970, Ed Kuiper took the reins of KUBO after the company was handed down from his father Arie Kuiper. With a great deal of enthusiasm and a new outlook, Ed transformed KUBO into a leading player in the horticultural industry.


KUBO has been awarded a medal of honor by Queen Beatrix


Wouter takes over from his father

In 2001, Wouter Kuiper took over the helm from his father at KUBO, thus beginning a new chapter in the story of our company. He not only continued KUBO's traditional values, but also brought a breath of fresh air of innovation. Under his leadership, KUBO blossomed into a global pioneer in sustainable horticultural solutions.



The first Ultra-Clima greenhouse design led to revolutionary changes in horticulture. The semi-closed greenhouse makes it possible to grow under glass in regions where this was previously impossible.


KUBO opens new Vlothove headquarters

KUBO opens its new headquarters on Vlotlaan in Monster, a stone's throw from where KUBO was founded.


Winner Hillenraad100

In 2019, KUBO was awarded the prestigious Hillenraad100 prize. This recognition was awarded for KUBO's pioneering contribution to the horticultural industry, particularly through the development and implementation of innovative greenhouse concepts such as the Ultra-Clima. The award confirmed KUBO's position as a leading player in the industry and underscored the impact of their technological advances on global food production.


PDI joins KUBO Group

Peter Dekker Installations, the largest screen installer in the world has been acquired by the KUBO Group.


KUBO acquires SDF and HAWE

Early in 2022, KUBO acquires PDI and less than a few months later the companies HAWE Cultivation Systems and SDF Horti Software.


Renewal of strategy and corporate identity

Launch of an updated corporate identity and strategy, with KUBO Group bringing a breath of fresh air to its brand identity. The updated look and feel mark an important milestone for the company and its subsidiaries, reinforcing its vision for the future of greenhouse horticulture.