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KUBO Group consists of four companies that strengthen and support each other. At KUBO Group and its subsidiaries, we are synonymous with innovation and sustainability, constantly striving to advance the agricultural sector.

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At KUBO Group, we believe sustainability is at the core of our long-term success and resilience.

ESG: The Driving Force of Corporate Responsibility

In the rapidly changing landscape of today's business world, the crucial role of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is becoming increasingly prominent. At KUBO Group, we embrace this change and see ESG not just as an obligation, but as an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to a sustainable future.

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Blue Lab

Blue Lab

In 2020, KUBO began construction of Blue Lab, a unique test center in the world of greenhouse growers. The research focused on autonomous cultivation, involving partners and growers. Blue Lab, which does not focus on publications but on production improvement, achieved several milestones in three years. These included developing new growth strategies and reducing energy consumption. Most notable was the ability to extract CO₂ from outdoor air for plant growth, leading to yields comparable to traditional growing methods. With advanced measurement equipment, Blue Lab is a pioneer in sustainable and optimized greenhouse control.

3 years of experience

A greenhouse full of sophisticated measuring equipment

CO₂ negative cultivation

"Sometimes I feel like a child in a candy store."

Danny Monte - Growing Expert

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