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KUBO Group consists of four companies that strengthen and support each other. At KUBO Group and its subsidiaries, we are synonymous with innovation and sustainability, constantly striving to advance the agricultural sector.

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At KUBO Group, we believe sustainability is at the core of our long-term success and resilience.

ESG: The Driving Force of Corporate Responsibility

In the rapidly changing landscape of today's business world, the crucial role of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is becoming increasingly prominent. At KUBO Group, we embrace this change and see ESG not just as an obligation, but as an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to a sustainable future.

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New leadership at HAWE

Welcome Mario

After several successful years as Group Controller at KUBO, Mario Verbraeken has moved on to a new adventure as General Manager at HAWE. Why this shift? Mario explains: "After a long period as an entrepreneur in the apparel industry, the time at KUBO gave me room for personal growth. The opportunity to stand more on my own two feet and contribute to the wonderful development of HAWE was too tempting to resist."

Mario's choice of HAWE was fueled by his admiration for the team and their ability to combine experience and talent. "The team at HAWE is an inspiring mix of expertise and innovation. I see it as a great opportunity to lead this talented team and together realize our ambitions."

But why did HAWE choose Mario? "I believe my entrepreneurial spirit and winner's mentality are a perfect fit for the growth phase HAWE is in," says Mario. " My focus is on leveraging the craftsmanship within the team and encouraging growth for everyone."

What are Mario's goals? "I want to foster a culture of collaboration and growth, both within the HAWE team and in our collaboration with other KUBO units," Mario explains. " My vision is for every colleague to become an ambassador for our products, and for us to reach our full potential through motivation and passion."

In the first three months, Mario will be mostly listening. "I want to understand the needs of our colleagues, customers and industry peers, and lay the groundwork for strategic plans that will lead us into a bright future," Mario says.

With Mario on board as General Manager, HAWE is poised for an exciting new phase full of growth and innovation.

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