Project Shandong Haoyu Group

Project Shandong Haoyu Group

If The Netherlands is the Horti-Centre of the world, then ShanDong Province would be the Agri-Garden of China. In 2021, the total production of vegetables in Shandong province reached 88 million tons, the first in the country. The annual production of vegetables has exceeded 80 million tons for 7 years. 

Thanks to the natural gifts like warm temperate monsoon climate, long coastline, and rare geological disasters etc, Shandong has been a major agricultural province since ancient times. Meanwhile, Shandong Province starts the earliest contact with modern agricultural production. In Shandong agricultural cultivation, breeding, seedling, off-season vegetable greenhouse growing technology, etc., are quite mature, and Shandong is not only learning from overseas with improving the quality and yield of their vegetable varieties, but also constantly lifting their own cultivation technology. 


As one of the leading group, Shandong Haoyu Group has successfully built their position in the Chinese horticulture industry by combining their extraordinary industrial management and production experiences with modern horticulture technology.  Along the path, KUBO is very proud that we had supplied Haoyu group with a 7.8ha Ultra-Clima greenhouse plus active cooling for year-round cherry tomato production.  The ultimate goal of this technology is to continue production in the high humidity and high temperature climate challenging period (dog days of summer), such as RH90% 38°C in the daytime; RH 98%, 32°C in the nighttime. 


With good project management and experienced supervisor from KUBO, the project construction period is well-managed by Kingpeng Group, one of the largest greenhouse builder in China, from July 2021 to March 2022.  

Haoyu’s Ultra-Clima greenhouse starts planting on 31 March, 2022.  



When the summer comes in the end of June, active cooling has effectively reduced the night temperature and relatively humidity level. 

Combination with the Ultra-Clima system with Active cooling technology from KUBO,  Haoyu group has successfully managed the summer production in the first large-scale commercial semi-closed with mechanical cooling greenhouse in China.  

The next step for KUBO and Haoyu is to optimize the system, operation and energy efficiency. This is how KUBO create value for our customer by our Full Service Grow Concept.  

Source photos: Haoyu Group