Daeyoung and KUBO Celebrate 15 Years of Partnership with Anniversary Festivity

Serre Venlo KUBO

Daeyoung and KUBO Celebrate 15 Years of Partnership with Anniversary Festivity

In the week of October 8th, Daeyoung and KUBO commemorated their 15-year successful collaboration in Korea. This enduring relationship stands as a significant milestone in the horticulture sector.

Daeyoung's management hosted KUBO in the southern part of Korea, where KUBO explored the country through a delightful hike, boat excursion, and dinner. During the dinner, discussions revolved around the future, and gifts were exchanged to mark the 15 years of partnership.

Throughout the trip, an extensive dialogue took place on various subjects, including autonomous cultivation, CO2-neutral and energy-efficient farming. Both companies shared their expectations and future plans, with a particular focus on making horticulture in Korea appealing to the younger generation by integrating technology.

To make the journey even more memorable, Wouter and Dennis paid visits to some of KUBO's Ultra-Clima clients. In 2017, KUBO completed its first project in Korea, followed by several others, including the Suninus, Heungyang, and SaeBom projects.

KUBO has successfully realized a total of 22 hectares of Ultra-Clima greenhouses in Korea, with this achievement owing much to the close collaboration with Daeyoung. Daeyoung and KUBO intend to continue their partnership, with hopes of many more successful projects in the future.

In the photo: Wouter and Dennis, alongside Daeyoung's management, Mr. Bae, Mr. Lyu, Mr. Park, and Mr. Lee.