Solar panels roof production hall kubo greenhouses

KUBO is a sustainable manufacturer!

Solar panels roof production hall kubo greenhouses

KUBO has been building and realising complete greenhouse projects for many years, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Office KUBO Greenhouse Projects

Welding robots and laser cutting machines

One of KUBO’s greenhouse concepts is the well-known Ultra-Clima concept that is considered innovative, sustainable and energy-saving in every respect. The production of these greenhouses was always completed under direct management. The Vlotlaan industrial estate in Monster is the location of both the ultra-modern KUBO head office and the production plant to manufacture the high-tech greenhouses. The plant is equipped with the most innovative installations, such as welding robots and laser cutting machines. From today, the machine fleet is powered by electric current generated by solar panels installed on the roof of the factory hall.

Royal Brinkman has mounted a total of 2,267 solar panels with a total installed capacity of 623.42 kWp. According to Wouter Kuiper, the Managing Director of KUBO Group, this is a profitable investment. ‘Like our greenhouses, the final result should be both sustainable and profitable. That principle applies equally to our own investments.’

The collaboration with Brinkman was very satisfactory. Wouter Kuiper: ‘The crew switched quickly and adequately, the proposal was on the money, and the quality was excellent. What else could you ask?’