The KUBO Group acquires Cultivation Systems and Software branch of Codema

The KUBO Group acquires Cultivation Systems and Software branch of Codema

At the beginning of this year, KUBO announced the take over of Peter Dekker Installations by the KUBO Group. Less than a few months later, KUBO acquires the Cultivation Systems and Software & Web Solutions divisions of Codema Systems, which went bankrupt in May this year.

Wouter Kuiper: "We are very pleased with the takeover of these two disciplines and it fits entirely with the growth strategy of KUBO. The departments Cultivation Systems and Software & Web Solutions will continue as two separate companies, each with its own character, and will henceforth be called HAWE Cultivation Systems and SDF Horti Software."

"In the coming weeks we will asses and look what is required to make these companies healthy again. Assuring that customers continue to buy and that our people like to work in our organization. After all, we are a family business and these companies are going to be exactly that again," said Wouter Kuiper (third generation).

KUBO, the provider of turn-key solutions. KUBO supports its customers to the maximum with their unique Full Service Grow Concepts. This concepts includes several services making the operational execution of greenhouses easier and to increase the return on investment.

Meanwhile KUBO has offices in the Netherlands and abroad. KUBO's mission is to enable entrepreneurs worldwide to produce for their local markets. In today's world, the growing demand for food, the reduction of CO₂ emissions and the reduction of energy and water consumption are more important than ever. KUBO addresses these issues through their innovative and sustainable greenhouse projects. 

For more information the companies can be reached at:

HAWE Cultivation Systems +31 10 851 6334 and +31 10 521 2755

SDF Horti Software +31 10 851 6336

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