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KUBO philosophy

The world population is growing expansively. Growth that is using up the earth’s natural resources. Energy sources are drying up, water is becoming a scarce resource. At the same time the demand for food safety, CO2 emission reductions and locally-produced products is increasing. At KUBO we play a huge role in this.

Our mission

As entrepreneur you would like to respond to these developments while ensuring higher returns; something that appears to be a contradiction. At the KUBO we think otherwise. It is our mission to enable entrepreneurs throughout the world to produce for their own market. With (semi-closed) greenhouses. And with energy and water savings, reduced CO2 emissions, food safety and achieving higher yields of better quality. The future of greenhouses is blue.

75 Years in horticulture

At KUBO we can now look back at 75 years in horticulture. A stable family company with the third generation now at the helm.

KUBO manages complete greenhouse projects. Contracting, engineering, manufacturing, construction and service. All under our own management. This enables us to monitor the entire process, deliver on time and be certain that we are using the latest technologies and concepts.

Innovation is in our genes. It is the condition for progress. That's why we continue to develop and test new technologies and options. The Ultra-Clima has obviously always been an innovation in itself. The greenhouse concept is based on a number of pillars:

  • improved production
  • maximum food safety
  • minimum energy consumption
  • minimum water consumption
  • reduced CO2 emissions
  • and optimum returns.