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The world is faced with major challenges relating to food, energy and climate. The logical consequence is that there is an increasing demand for sustainable solutions to these challenges. We offer you the opportunity to take advantage of this growth in demand. To do something good for the world and at the same time earn a high return. By investing in horticulture. An investment with an average ROI of five years!

Full Service Grow Concepts

Investing in horticulture is investing in the future. In the sustainable solutions of tomorrow. At KUBO, we do this through Full Service Grow Concepts. A 360º approach and vision for a sustainable and structural long-term horticultural strategy. To make growing as simple as possible and to continuously optimise returns. To produce food locally and with the requisite food safety. To reduce food-miles and CO2 emissions. And to provide for alternative energy sources.

KUBO offers you the possibility of investing in these opportunities for the world. An investment that you can specify entirely in accordance with your wishes. Whether you would like to exert your own influence or sign up for a full-service solution, KUBO can prepare a custom investment proposal for you. With our 75 years of experience in high-tech and sustainable greenhouse construction, we provide for the highest possible return in every situation.


  • ROI < 5 years
  • Secured and Sustainable Investment
  • Turn Key Projects

"We have one of the most modern greenhouse in whole of Europe"

Listen to Jean-Luc Olivier, President of Group Olivier Haute-Goulaine

KUBO. The future of greenhouses is blue

KUBO Full Service Grow concepts

At KUBO, we believe that sustainable horticulture can make a substantial contribution to responding to these challenges and developments. That we, with the right knowledge and technology, can enable entrepreneurs throughout the world  to produce for their own market. That the horticulture sector can contribute to a sustainable future. The future of greenhouses is blue.

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