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KUBO's history


KUBO has been in existence for 75 year, so this is a good moment to look ahead. Where are we now and where a we going? Developments in greenhouse horticulture are occurring at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence is taking over. Big data determines our choices. Sustainability is becoming the standard. At this page, we look forward to what is to come. To what tomorrow has in store. 

But a 75th anniversary is also a great opportunity to reflect - just for a moment - on what has happened since the company was founded. That's why we will doing both on this page. Click on the button 'See history' and look back at the key milestones in 75 years of KUBO. The page you have in front of you now mainly focuses on the future. On tomorrow, and the days after that. On the next 75 years of greenhouse horticulture.  


Wouter Kuiper, CEO of KUBO - 'Doing more, with fewer resources and less effort. That’s what KUBO wants to continue to offer its customers, by making large-scale growing simpler, more profitable and more sustainable. Wouter Kuiper looks forward.'

On to the next 75 years

The Future of Greenhouses is Blue

‘The social challenges are opportunities for the grower’

Interview - Farid Tabarki is a trend-watcher and identifier. As a founding director of Studio Zeitgeist, he investigates the European zeitgeist and advises international organisations... 

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The Future of Growing

What will the future bring for greenhouse horticulture? Of course, nobody can exactly predict the future, but careful monitoring and analysis can help you to recognise inevitable developments...

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In touch with your greenhouse

KUBO believes that greenhouse horticulture can make a major contribution to the challenges facing the world. That’s why KUBO is committed to developing innovations and technology that break with all existing conventions and are revolutionary in concept and execution...

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Fast forward to 2045!

How will greenhouse farming look in the future? It’s food for futurologists. A script for a science fiction movie. But there are already enough indications of what may lie ahead... 

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