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We are facing major challenges. The world’s population is seeing rapid growth. Growth that is using up our planet’s natural resources: energy sources are drying up, water is becoming scarce. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for better food safety, CO2 emission reductions and locally-produced products. All developments that are forcing us to look further. To take action. When it comes to cultivation, for example. How can it be that food grown on one side of the country is consumed on the other side? Or that food is being eaten whose origins are not fully known? We believe these are challenges that can be addressed with greenhouse innovation and high-tech solutions. Smart solutions to help you grow that are already at your disposal. For growing a better world.


Ultra Clima Greenhouse

USA. A land of extremes and a land of possibilities.

A country like America has so many different climates, soil structures, altitudes and weather conditions. But all these different conditions also mean limitations in terms of food production. Not everywhere is there access to natural fresh water. Not everywhere is there sufficient available labor. Not everywhere are temperatures constant. Are these problems? Of course not. It is the ability to find solutions to challenges of this kind that has made America the land it is today.

At KUBO we have a similar mentality. We absolutely believe that state-of-the-art greenhouse horticulture and cultivation can be a significant part of the answer to these challenges and developments. And that with the right knowledge and technology, we can enable enterprises worldwide to produce for their own market. Thus reducing food miles and CO2 emissions while enhancing food safety. More output with less input from natural resources.

We are KUBO. We create high-tech grow concepts.

It is our mission to make growing in greenhouses as easy as possible through high-tech solutions that simultaneously ensure maximum return. We do this through our Full Service Grow Concepts: revolutionary total solutions that provide you with everything you need. From analysis of your situation to feasibility studies. From the construction and implementation of your fully-automated greenhouse to extensive support through training, expert advice and operational control. For a greenhouse project that precisely meets your specific needs and local conditions. Anywhere in the world.

We are KUBO. We create high-tech grow concepts.

With our Dutch roots and 75 years’ experience, we are the world’s most innovative company when it comes to greenhouse horticulture. We know exactly how to help you make the next steps in your horticultural practices and what it takes to be able to grow anywhere. Cultivation around the world.

The way is now open to growing a better world. Wherever in America you see opportunities, we want to help you realize your ambitions. We understand the cultivation process, greenhouse construction technology, innovation and you as an entrepreneur. At KUBO, we help you grow. So you can use the Earth's resources efficiently while also ensuring you always get the highest possible return from every situation. The future of greenhouses is blue.

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