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Our philosophy, 'The future of greenhouses is blue’, is reflected in our various product labels.

We develop our products entirely in-house. Each and every one of our innovations is designed to support entrepreneurs with their ambitions and to give them the opportunity to actually achieve those ambitions. Our products can be found all over the world.


The Ultra-Clima is a revolutionary, innovative, and sustainable greenhouse concept in every respect. The Ultra-Clima is the ideal solution to the needs of today and tomorrow. It combines everything that is required of a modern greenhouse: increased production, maximum food safety, minimal energy and water consumption, minimal CO2 emissions, and a better yield.

Tomatoes ultra-clima greenhouse


The Venlo greenhouse is still the most frequently constructed type of greenhouse in the world, and that’s no surprise. It is perfect for cultivating both vegetables and flowers thanks to its unparalleled versatility.

Venlo Greenhouse KUBO The Netherlands


Greenhouse construction is shifting slowly but surely towards the city, where most consumers are located. This development fits in the local for local trend: no longer importing foodstuffs from far away, but producing them locally. KUBO has already gained a wealth of experience in urban farming.


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