Ultra Clima Greenhouse

Your entire greenhouse managed by KUBO

KUBO Greenhouse Projects offers you turn-key greenhouse construction and realisation, with contracting, engineering, manufacturing, construction and service all under our own management. This enables us to monitor the entire process, deliver on time and be certain that we use the latest technologies and concepts.

KUBO has its own specialists for greenhouse design and technical systems and also enters joint ventures with the top specialist companies involved in heating, cooling, irrigation systems, electro-technology, climate control, lighting, screening systems and logistics systems. This enables us to deliver greenhouses built and designed entirely under KUBO's management.

Experienced assembly teams and modern building equipment guarantee that your turn-key project will be realized efficiently wherever in the world.

Greenhouse materials Monster The Netherlands

Quality guaranteed

With KUBO the entire construction stays under one management. This is also because KUBO has efficient and high-tech facilities to manufacture Venlo greenhouses. KUBO is not only responsible for the greenhouse, but for support too. Keeping the entire process in-house enables us to guarantee the highest quality.

Every project under our control

Extensive production facilities of no fewer than 1.5 ha in Monster allow us to respond quickly to projects of varying sizes. We also produce facades, gutters and covers in-house: the well-known Excellent cover. Reliable, flexible, customisation, high quality and ultra-modern machinery.