Smart growing

greenhouse innovative management system for cultivation in high tech greenhouse

Data Analysis

KUBO Smart Growing analyses real-time crop, climate and greenhouse performance data to offer you continued cultivation and organisational improvements.

To facilitate data analysis, exchange and sharing, Kubo Smart Growing has developed the PYLOT monitoring platform - a user-friendly business application for high-tech horticulture.

Main features of Pylot include:

  • Improved data analysis and graphs
  • Dashboard with KPIs
  • Registration of photos, crop measurements and observations
  • Climate and crop data access from every device (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Easy exchange and data sharing (with investors, stakeholders)

Feasibility studies

Customized studies present you with:

  • Pre-operational analysis to determine realistic goals for the growing seasons from an energetic and production standpoint
  • A clear insight into your local conditions in order to develop the optimal growth environment and to achieve your set goals and investment
  • A sound strategy and financial estimations as a basis for a sustainable and profitable business


  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Custom-made study
  • Full feasibility study

A Feasibility Study takes a deep dive into the following elements:

  • Organisation strategy and marketing plan
  • Technical analysis of location, climate and energy. Cost Balance.
  • Configuration of the optimal greenhouse
  • Production figures and estimated ROI
  • Investigation of financing possibilities, including subsidies.


Our consultancy services aim to:

  • Extend our collaboration and relationship beyond the initial investment.
  • Address your specific needs, offering you continuous follow up on your operations, on site and remotely.
  • Advance the knowledge and expertise of your local management team, with the support of our network of horticultural experts.


  • Crop consultancy
  • Technical and energetical consultancy
  • Weekly Operational Support
  • Monthly report of efficiency and optimisation of the Ultra-ClimaⓇ system