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New Greenhouse?
Look beyond the technology and achieve maximum returns.

Growing is looking ahead. Whether it is about growing in terms of size, quality, efficiency or sustainability, at KUBO we help you look beyond just having a new greenhouse or expanding it. We help you define your long-term goals and to work towards those goals. By not only focusing on technology, but also on a structural and sustainable long-term strategy for achieving maximum returns.

Full Service Grow Concepts

KUBO offers Full Service Grow Concepts for this purpose: revolutionary, comprehensive full‑service solutions. From the analysis of your particular situation to feasibility studies. From the construction and implementation of your greenhouse to extensive support through training, expert advice and operating controls. For a greenhouse project that precisely meets your specific needs and local circumstances. Anywhere in the world. In addition, we continuously work on innovations designed to optimise horticulture. Such as PYLOT, a new innovative management system designed to make cultivation in high-tech greenhouses as easy as possible.

At KUBO, we understand the cultivation process, the greenhouse construction technology and you, as entrepreneur. So look ahead together with us and settle for nothing less than the most structural and sustainable solution with maximum returns.

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  • 75 years of experience in high-tech and sustainable greenhouse construction
  • Integrated approach with Full Service Grow Concepts
  • Focused on making the cultivation process easier
  • Inventor of Ultra-Clima
  • From construction to operation
  • Family business with 3rd generation at the helm
  • In-house production

Optimising the Harvest?

Greenhouse | control your greenhouse one dashboard

PYLOT. Grip on growing

KUBO continuously works on innovations designed to further improve greenhouse horticulture. A good example of this is PYLOT, a new innovative management system designed to make cultivation in high-tech greenhouses as easy as possible. PYLOT provides a clear and orderly overview of all the data from the greenhouse and makes it available on any device. This enables you to make adjustments, take decisions and get the most out of the greenhouse whenever and wherever you are. PYLOT puts you in control.

KUBO Full Service Grow concepts

KUBO, full service grow concepts

During the four clear and straightforward phases, we turn your ambitions into reality. In the Analysis and Feasibility phases, you provide clear insights into your capabilities and financial performance. In the Realization phase, we take care of the entire construction and realization process for your high-tech greenhouse – we have all the necessary expertise in-house. Lastly, in the Support phase, we provide extensive support through training sessions, data, management expertise, and operational control. Together, we create the ultimate growing environment for your situation.

KUBO Full Service Grow concepts

KUBO. The future of greenhouses is blue

At KUBO, we believe that sustainable horticulture can make a substantial contribution to responding to these challenges and developments. That we, with the right knowledge and technology, can enable entrepreneurs throughout the world  to produce for their own market. That the horticulture sector can contribute to a sustainable future.The future of greenhouses is blue.


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