In touch with your greenhouse

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In touch with your greenhouse

KUBO believes that greenhouse horticulture can make a major contribution to the challenges facing the world. That’s why KUBO is committed to developing innovations and technology that break with all existing conventions and are revolutionary in concept and execution. The biggest challenge is to ensure that these technologies are as easy to use as possible. The latest development in this area is PYLOT.

Growing in a high-tech greenhouse is a complicated process that involves big challenges and crucial decisions. These decisions can only be made properly if you, as a grower, entrepreneur or investor, know exactly what is happening in the greenhouse. That’s the idea behind PYLOT, a new, innovative management system developed from years of experience in horticulture. It has been created to make growing in high-tech greenhouses as easy as possible. PYLOT collects all relevant data from the greenhouse and displays them clearly on a platform that understands what the user is doing. It makes all the data from the greenhouse transparent, easy to follow and available on all possible devices.


All data are collected on an easy-to-understand dashboard, giving a 24/7 real-time overview that allows users to analyse and make better decisions, manage predictable growth, and gain more control. On desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Smart recommendations help users to improve their strategy to optimise crop growth and greenhouse management. And ultimately to optimise their business.

Once users discover how easy PYLOT is to use, they’ll have more time to do what they love most and accelerate their business to the next level.

PYLOT makes it possible to adjust, make decisions and get the maximum out of the greenhouse anytime, anywhere. PYLOT puts you in control. Whether you are a grower, entrepreneur or investor.